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Due to funding constraints we are sorry to advise future users that TCIWorks is no longer available. Current users are able to continue to use TCIWorks but technical support is no longer available.

Welcome to TCI works

TCIWorks is a computer program designed for dose optimisation for individual patients to be used as a part of routine clinical care.

TCIWorks is capable of running on any operating system that supports JAVA applications e.g. Windows, Linux, & Mac. TCIWorks comprises a combination of proprietary freeware including JAVA runtime, MySQL, and a number of freely available numerical applications for JAVA including a numerical integrator and nonlinear regression search tools.
TCIWorks has been created as a part of a joint collaboration between the Schools of Pharmacy and Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, The University of Queensland. The production team consists of Dr Stephen Duffull, Dr Carl Kirkpatrick and Lionel van den Berg. The continued development and support will now be provided via a joint collaboration between the University of Queensland and the University of Otago.

There is no charge for the download and use of TCIWorks.